The Lord can do amazing things.

In the 26 years of being a pastor at  ICC, I have heard some amazing stories. Stories of men and women whose lives were falling apart until God’s forgiveness came and completely changed them from being chained by their past into being free and genuinely happy people.

I felt compelled to share their stories and the invaluable lessons I have learned throughout my years in ministry. I hope you find their testimonies as encouraging as I do.

– Pastor Bob

About Me

Hello! I’m Bob Ordeman, one of the Pastors at International Christian Center in Brownsville, Texas.  When my wife, Libby, and I moved to the Rio Grande Valley in 1974, we never dreamed that God would use us to see people’s lives change. I soon knew God wanted me to follow Him into pastoral ministry.  We were newlyweds and had little to our name, but we came with big hopes and dreams believing that God had brought us here for a purpose.

I can’t begin to tell you how many countless stories we have seen of God taking broken, fragile people who simply say “yes” to Him and making their lives a testimony of His goodness. I absolutely love what I do! I get to see people go from hopelessness to hopefulness, from shame to singing, from darkness to light. It continues to feed my fire. Our lives have been blessed radically by a Good Heavenly Father.

Has it always been easy? No. We’ve had some hard times. I say some, we’ve had many hard times, but God was always right there in our midst. And as the years unfolded, Libby and I have dedicated ourselves to discovering and pursuing His purpose, and that has made all the difference in the world.